New Corporate Comedy & Juggling Website & Blog

Hi Everybody,
This is my brand new website and blog for my Corporate Comedy and Juggling show.
I just found out the contact page “Book Randy” has not been working thus far.
It’s fixed now.
Sorry if I missed any messages.
Please re-send, and I’ll get back to you ASAP.
In the coming weeks we’ll be adding additional photos, videos, and blog posts….oh my.

4 thoughts on “New Corporate Comedy & Juggling Website & Blog

  • Hi Randy. Just come off the Star Princess and never seen such a unique and highly entertaining show (shows we saw both). The way you intereacted and bonded with the crowd was truly amazing we never stopped laughing. Seen many entertainers from around the world but you’re one of the best. Are you local to Davenport in the Quad Cities in anyway as you mentioned it during your performance, we’re British but our son when to college there.
    Thanks again for making us smile.
    Keith and Rosemary Wilson

    1. Hi Keith and Rosemary,
      Thanks so much.
      As you can see I don’t get to the comments on this page as often as I should…
      I’m glad you enjoyed my show.
      Yea, I am local to Davenport, but Davenport, Florida. :)

  • We just saw your shows on RC this week. Fabulous!! Would love to purchase some videos of you performances. Is there a way to purchase? Thanks Iris

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